Thank you for attending our webinar. Our topic today will be focused on the services Financial Tech Tools provides and how to help advisors grow their business.

For those of you that don’t know us at Financial Tech Tools. My name is Angelina Hung, and I’m the cofounder of Financial Tech Tools. I’ve worked in the financial services industry since 2003 and have my CFP, CLU, CHS, and EPC designations. I was also featured in the Insurance and Investment Journal as one of the top 50 women of influence in Canada in our industry.

At Financial Tech Tools, we also have a design, marketing and tech background that include creating financial infographics, videos, websites, and calculators, where we provide advisors with the latest digital marketing strategies to help them grow their business. Now, because of this unique combination of tech and financial knowledge, we save our advisors over 40 hours of time when putting together a website, content, email, and social media strategy. You don’t have to explain to us what life insurance is or when an RRSP or TFSA does. You don’t need to tell us what an IFA or IRP stand for because we get it. So enough about us, let’s get started.

So how Financial Tech Tools can help. We create content websites, email, social media, and calculators, for financial advisors, we offer two types of services, a fully managed one where we do it for you and to do it yourself, where you can control and schedule your content. We come from the industry so you’re not dealing with tech and marketing people. You’re working with individuals that understand the challenges inside your business.

So starting with content, we provide content to advisors. So you don’t have to make the content from scratch. Many advisors put off marketing because content is time consuming to create and develop. Each content piece is made with the client and prospect in mind, the content comes out as a video, infographic, article or calculator, depending on the subject matter. The content’s also educational and compliant. Great content adds to the credibility and professionalism of an advisor’s business and acts as lead generation.

When we put together a website for an advisor, we take the time to understand the advisor’s business. The messaging on the website should tell a prospect three things:

  • Who you are
  • What you do
  • Who you do it for.

Our website process is simple. It takes two to four calls to create a professional and compliant website, from a content standpoint, we provide the back pages for you and you can make the modifications. We have pre-built pages for life, CI, DI, investments, including RSPs TFAs, employee benefits, financial retirement estate, and succession planning and calculators too. For compliance, most of our content has been reviewed by compliance. However, if you do need to submit your website in, we’re familiar with the compliance process and we’ll work with your dealer to get it approved. In addition to this, the sites are archived daily, which means we keep a daily copy of the website for compliance purposes. From a technical standpoint, all our websites are responsive, which means that the website is flexible and can adjust to different screen sizes. They also have an SSL certificate installed for extra security, and we do daily scans and backups of the site. There’s also uptime monitoring on the site, which means that the site is checked every five minutes to ensure it’s running, and if the site does go down, then we receive a notification right away. We also do regular updates on the theme and plugins and provide up to 30 minutes of changes to your website.

So speaking of regular updates, in a recent 2018 LIMRA study stated that 73% of consumers would like to educate themselves about insurance on insurance advisors’ website, 67% of consumers would not do business with an insurance advisor that has an out-of-date site. So to make sure your website is up to date, all managed websites come with a content marketing plan.

Now here’s an example of a content marketing plan that we create for our advisors, now keep in mind, this is a plan so we can adjust if things change inside your practice, but it’s important to have a plan so we’re not chasing each other every month. We also coincide this information with useful dates that we know will be coming up. If you’re not familiar with some of the major financial dates to mark, you can check out our financial calendar. This provides you with the financial deadlines, such as RRSP deadline tax, filing dates, Bank of Canada interest rate announcements, and RESP and RDSP deadlines. So for this example, adviser, we came up with a theme for every month, along with a quick outline of additional useful topics.

Now, another service Financial Tech Tools offers is email newsletters. We typically recommend sending a minimum of one email per month. And the reason for this is that it keeps you; the advisor top of mind so clients are more likely to mention you when a referral opportunity arise. You’re touching your clients a minimum of 12 times per year, and it’s in their inbox. All our emails are focused on a financial topic, so you don’t need to put it together. We have the email template and all you need to do is approve it. Each email newsletter has a call to action, an opportunity for the client to forward the email to another prospect and it’s CASL compliant with a built-in unsubscribed as well. After an email newsletter goes out, advisors can also see how often a prospect has opened an email read, clicked on a specific link, and for the advisor, it provides insight to follow up with that client. The big thing was sending an email newsletter is that you’re the one that’s reaching out to the client and prospect.

Now there’s no doubt in my mind that people are on social media, even more frequently, given our circumstances today. Now part of our social media services include making sure your LinkedIn personal profile, Facebook company page and Twitter are optimized. That just a couple of quick statistics for you, over 55% of high net worth investors are on Facebook. 33% are on LinkedIn and 30% are on Twitter, posting consistent and regular content that’s engaging and focused on education will do a number of things.

  • Demonstrate you’re up to date, providing clients reassurance, knowing that their advisor is aware of growing developments
  • Show you that you’re an expert at what you do. And most importantly, connect with your clients on a regular basis.

We recommend posting a minimum of once per week and posting original and third party curated content that’s relevant to your business.

Now we also have a do it yourself service, where we’ve partnered up with FSB content marketing and the Advisorstream platform, now, here are the key features.

  • The platform will instantly update your website, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Now there’s an extensive library of insurance content that is updated monthly.
  • You can add your own proprietary content that can be uploaded to your account. There’s also shared licensed third party content from world-class publishers, like The Globe and Mail, The Economist, and this content is updated daily. So your shares are always timely.
  • There’s also a branded landing page that allows you to share copyright compliant content. And it also stays inside your ecosystem.
  • There’s pre-written email templates, which make target marketing easier than ever. You can create your own newsletters, or you can use our monthly curated newsletters. We also offer a quarterly business newsletter designed for your business clients and prospects and referral sources.
  • And you can also use our social scheduler to help you stay current on your social and your website. Now, if you don’t have time to schedule your own content, don’t worry about it. We have an automated social scheduling, excuse me, we have automated social scheduling available. So if your queue is empty, the system will recognize that and offer you content. You can approve that article or request another one. And upon approval, this will be posted to all your connected accounts.
  • There’s also a compliance dashboard for easy approval and communication and leads are generated when clients and centers of influence share your content. Now reporting is available to all to easily see who is reading and sharing your content.

Now, most importantly, this is an exclusive version of Advisorstream that’s only available through Financial Tech Tools. So just a quick recap at Financial Tech Tools, we create content websites, email newsletter, social media, and calculators for financial advisors to grow their practice.

Now because we come from the industry and are not dealing with tech and marketing, you’re not just dealing with tech and marketing people. You’re actually working with people that understand the challenges inside your business. Because of this unique combination we save our advisors over 40 of time when putting together a website, content, email, and social media strategy. Thank you very much for your time. And if you do have any questions or would like to schedule a demo, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.