Years ago, I was at a practice management seminar and the speaker talked about having “12 touches per year”… now this is totally dating myself but back then, websites were just starting to be a thing, email was definitely used but not to the same extent that it is today and social media was just barely starting.  We were in the days of phone calls, some email… maybe text, snail mail and client events.

To this day, I still remember thinking at that time how’s an advisor suppose to do “12 touches per year” on top of what they’re doing now:

  • Prospect
  • Put together an insurance/investment proposal.
  • Put together a full financial plan
  • Understand how sales concepts work and explain
  • Deal with admin issues
  • Deal with underwriting issues
  • Make sure they’re getting paid properly from the insurance and investment companies.
  • Do the accounting
  • Run the practice
  • Maintain the existing clients and look for new clients
  • Make sure they have enough CE credits to keep their license
  • Spend time with Centres of Influence
  • Figure out how to grow their practice
  • Host client appreciation events
  • Attend professional development days and seminars
  • Email/Phone/Text clients, prospects
  • Etc. etc.

Today, advisors still face this problem, but I feel that with the use of online and offline tools the “12” number is a little easier to hit..

Here’s  a list to get to the minimum “12” touches per client: (some things of course will be more than “1” touch)

  1. Phone call- Pick up the phone, call and say hello and ask how they are, and if they need any help.
  2. Email your clients directly to see if they require any of your services.
  3. Face to face meeting- is it time for an annual review or meeting
  4. Snail Mail- send them a prospecting or stay in touch letter
  5. Make referrals for them- refer clients or prospects to your network of trusted partners- such as a realtor, mortgage broker, lawyer or accountant.
  6. Client event- organize an event or workshop for your clients and prospects (We have a blog post on this:
  7. Client Surveys- solicit feedback on how you can better serve your clients and prospects
  8. Birthday Cards/Gifts- perhaps even send them a cake
  9. Holiday cards- Thanksgiving cards, Christmas, Confirm important dates with them- like tax deadlines etc.
  10. Newsletters- By sending regular email newsletters to your client or prospect, it’s a great way to stay in touch and keep them informed about your practice.
  11. Social Media- connect on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter- make sure you post regularly so your clients can see
  12. Website-ensure you make your website a useful “client resource” website where it’s being updated regularly.

Please also feel free to download our 12 touches checklist.

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